tirsdag 12. mai 2009

Ting vi absolutt må ta lærdom av når det gjelder Lomme-Edward

Borte hos Pillow Biters (Come join the dark side, we have feathers in our hair osv.) fant jeg denne fantastiske Lomme-Edwardhistorien fra Jennifer. Hun syntes det var kjempelurt å ta med seg sin vibrerende Lomme-Edward på Twi-Con i L.A. Der var hun også så heldig å vinne en privat lunsj med Peter Facinelli. Her er historien:

"As for Vibrating Pocket Edward, I was the first of my entourage of girlfriends to ask for autographs, and being the sales person that I am, I came in w/my great opener: "Will you sign my Vibrating Pocket Edward?" Edi Gathegi was quite speechless and made a big show of putting anti-bacterial on, at which point Kellan Lutz asked if he was putting on lube.

Bilde fra Jennifer hos Twilight Mums
på Facebook via Pillow Biters.

I was so nervous, I was probably blushing like Bella too. Edward was buzzing quite powerfully the entire time, and all the actors played around w/him and asked how we came up w/the idea. This was a rudimentary design, though, so I promised he would be more "user-friendly" by TwiCon SF.

I didn't show Edward off to Peter till the autograph session, and he looked at me like he was thinking "You seemed normal at lunch, and you show up w/a vibrating doll?" If anyone brings up this story to these guys, they'll remember for sure. We stopped the line cold during the autograph signing w/all the yells and whoops, even security came over to touch Edward."

Kjempeide, ikke sant?

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