søndag 30. oktober 2011

Isle Esme-klippet fra i sommer

Dersom jeg husker riktig, er dette det samme klippet fra Comic-Con som jeg postet i juli. Men her er det god kvalitet og ingen snikfotografering i en kinosal!

Funnet borte hos Twilight Lexicon.

lørdag 29. oktober 2011

Bill Condon snakker Breaking Dawn

På mange måter er det vel oppladning nok å se på the pretty, men borte hos HitFix har de et veldig bra intervju med Bill Condon om Breaking Dawn, som også er verdt å få med seg:

(Dessuten kan jeg jo kryssklippe inn all verdens hotness)

"Did you storyboard this movie out more than any you had before?

Yeah, well, it's an effects movie. We have as many effects shots than 'Avatar' or more in the two movies. Especially with big things like the wolves or Renesmee and everyone's powers so it lead to a lot of pre-vizing [pre-visualization] too so that you really are getting a sense of what you need and what visual effects companies are going to be doing the work."

Fra USAToday via Breaking Dawn Movie.

"You actually haven't had that many movies with a good deal of visual effects in them previously. Was that exciting to work on?

It was. Because, let's face it, there is so much you can do now and I think our most spectacular effects I don't think it's even worth talking about before the movie opens, but it's what happens to Bella in the last half of 'Breaking Dawn, pt. 1' and it's just real. If you were making a real movie about a vampire pregnancy and there were no other vampires involved -- if you were making 'Rosemary' Baby' today -- just the subtle things you can do to really communicate the sense of a body under attack and getting weaker and weaker? It's extraordinary. So, learning this stuff has been one of the great joys of doing this movie."

Fra bdewc_tc (aner ikke hva det er, men skriver små notater til meg selv for å kunne kreditere bildet, og aner ikke hva min egen forkortelse står for). Whatev. Det er naken Robward.

"So, something that would give any director pause would be the fact you're the fourth director these actors have worked with. In TV, where directors come and go, you always hear the actor saying, 'Eh, the director just tells me where to stand. I know the character.' How open were the actors to actually taking more direction than you'd expect?

Well, I don't know about more, but certainly exploring with me and they were incredibly open. Y'know, I keep calling this 'Twilight grows up,' but in a way it is. All of the characters take tremendous steps in this story and that's part of what turned me on to the material, to collaborate with Kristen Stewart as she goes from being the Bella we know in the first three movies to being a bride, being someone who finally has sex, gets pregnant, gets sick, gives birth, dies, become a vampire, becomes a warrior? Just think of that journey. I guess for none of them it was just playing the same old thing. Jacob becomes a man in this movie. He moves away from being the third leg in a triangle and breaks free of that and his background and his family and his pack and becomes his own person. So, that was a journey all the actors were eager and open to collaborate on."

Fra Twilight på Twitter.

"Was there any actor who surprised you?

I think people will be surprised by everybody. In general, Kristen has such a huge journey to take and to watch her become this fierce, protective, powerful mother figure? I think that will surprise people. Taylor surprised me with his commitment and the dark places he goes to in this movie. And Rob, I think there is some sense that he has relaxed into this part and finally willing to show more of himself. His own charm, wit and grace are in evidence in this movie. It surprised me in how relaxed he seemed in something he's fought a little against before.

You mention you think of this as 'Twilight grows up' because of the events that take place in the film. Is there anything you did with the vampires or werewolves that reflects this as well? Are they more sinister or fearful?

I think certainly that really comes into play in the second movie. These movies so far have mostly dealt with these vegetarians who don't attack humans except for some of the newborns in the last movie and some of the people in the first couple, but here it's a collection from around the world of vampires with specific gifts. So, I think yes, there was a sense of maybe seeing a darker side of them. And I also think we spend a lot more time in the final movie with Arro and his more overtly sinister group of Volturi."

DENNE er fra HitFix via Thinking of Rob.

"I think you know this, I was on the set of 'New Moon' when they shot those first scenes with Michael Sheen and the Volturi and it seemed at the time that it was the funniest thing to him. To be playing this character. Is he just having a ball when you work with him?

Yes, he is. That whole group. It's interesting, because you spend chunks of time with just Rob, Kristen and Taylor and then the Cullens. And there is a moment when it's Volturi time and it just brought a completely different vibe. It's British camp at its best. I don't mean camp in a bad way, I mean just people who are having a blast and being very clever all the time."

Les resten her. Det er masse mer!

Endelig, TB. Litt Hottinson.

Jeg må jo være litt rusten siden det tar meg så lang tid å poste en Hottinson. På den annen side er det bra for helsa mi at jeg tar det i små porsjoner etter så lang tid med avholdenhet.

For dette gjør noe med oksygenopptaket!


Yup. Følelsene er der enda, Rob.

Og så var det..."Love Forever"

Kan jo ikke si annet enn at nakenbadingen til Edward og Bella er HOT!

Fra OfficialTwilightFilm.

Gleder meg til premieren som en...ehh...det blir vel Twilight Mom nå?

Her fant jeg enda et klipp - Won't get through without a fight.

Soundtracket kan nå lyttes til på Facebook.

Har jeg egentlig sett denne? Med Volturi og greier?

Blogger nekter meg å kommentere innlegget, så jeg svarer på kommentaren her: Synes vi skal være stolte av å være Twimammaer! Men jeg håper Lille Spunk har vett til å ligge unna Papp-Edward med tegnestiftene sine når den dagen kommer...

Ny TV-reklame: "Experience"

Ikke kødd med familien til Edward!

Fra twilight6119.

Finnes også borte hos OfficialTwilightFilm.

Motherfuckin Bella

Funnet borte hos lekinkytwilighters.tumblr.com.

fredag 28. oktober 2011

Ok da. Litt Jacob.

Fra SummitScreeningRoom.

Samme som kom på IMDb i går. Bedre kvalitet der!

Å. RPattz. Så nær. Så fjern. I Stockholm på pressekonferanse. Gift?

Fra MrLalapie03 via Robsessed.

Sjekk ut hele pressekonferansen her. Pluss Q&A.

En liten oppsummering fra US Weekly:

"“The wedding scene’s funny because we used a real priest. So technically we are already married because he did all the things you would do in a normal ceremony,” Pattinson, 25, joked during a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden Friday. “So we don’t have a civil union in law, but I guess in the church we are actually married.”

The comment was surprising, given that Stewart, 21, only recently (and accidentally) confirmed her years-long relationship with Pattinson during an interview with British GQ.
Pattinson, who was joined by costar AshleyGreene at the press conference, also spoke candidly about the film’s bed-breaking, pillow-biting honeymoon romp.

“The sex scenes were difficult. The set was crazy and you have about 20 people in the room and someone saying things like: ‘No, Bella would not have made that noise. Can we do it again?’”

“It was very charged, but a very tender and sentimental scene. It’s not a scene from the book, so everyone was nervous about doing it right,” he explained. “A ton of other people were nervous. And, Kristen and I were both worried about the shape of our bodies would look on camera. We felt vulnerable.”"

Skal vi si at det er lov å være litt sjalu? Rob på fest i Stockholm med fans. Eller verre, ikke fans en gang. Funnet hos Breaking Dawn Movie.

"Pattinson added that he likes how Stewart’s character “is the one who initiates the sex. It’s a different move and I like that it’s not so predictable. Bella is already pushing for it in the movie and it’s Edward that seems scared.”

“I’ve never been able to relate to that fear of sex or sexuality. It’s funny that all three movies portray sex as something scary and then, when they have sex in the fourth movie, they have a child with really rather devastating consequences,” he said. “I’m not sure what they are trying to say. . .never have sex with anyone ever?”" Muahahahaha.

I dette russiske intervjuet (Googleoversatt, ,så pussig), snakker han om kleskolleksjonen sin. LOL.

Pluss nye bilder fra det gamle photoshootet med Details:

Fra Details via random russisk magasin og Pattinson Life.

Ble det varmt her?

torsdag 27. oktober 2011

TB forsøker seg på en oppsummering

Mest for meg selv.

Bare noen få uker, og vips - føler meg helt ute av gamet. Har jeg fått med meg hvert eneste, lille bilde? Hver trailer? Hvert klipp? Offisielt og uoffisielt? Endringer i Robert Pattinsons hårsveis? Boo Boo Stewarts siste pr-stunt?

Nei, forresten. Stryk det siste. Jeg gir blaffen i Boo Boo. Gi meg Breaking Dawn 1. (Les: Edward, Edward, Edward).

Her er en samling av alle i kulissene-snuttene fra forrige uke (som jeg fant i dag):

Her er trailerne i ett, eller noe sånt:

Fra JackobJackob32.

"I'm late", aka nok et klipp fra Breaking Dawn 1

HerreRob så deilig at godbitene bare ramler inn!

Fra twilight6119 via TwiCrack.

Borte hos IMDb har de en eksklusiv hvavardetnåhanvarulvenhetigjen Jacobtrailer, for de som liker sånt.

onsdag 26. oktober 2011

Nytt klipp fra Breaking Dawn 1: "Don't Take Too Long Mrs. Cullen".

Herr og fru Cullen ankommer brudesuiten, dvs soverommet på Isle Esme:

Fra OfficialTwilightFilm.

Jeg er med på et nakenbad anytime, Robward.

Kan det virkelig være MINDRE ENN EN MÅNED IGJEN???

Jeg trodde jeg skulle greie å blogge mer enn jeg har gjort, og er overrasket og takknemlig over at ikke bare er det masse folk innom og sjekker bloggen selv om jeg ikke har skrevet noe på ukesvis, men jeg har også fått flere følgere. Takk for tilliten!

Vi får se om ikke Robward/Edward/den guddomelige Pattinson/Mistah Spunk himself greier å stjele litt av mammas oppmerksomhet fra Lille Spunk de neste ukene, for det er nå det gjelder! Mindre enn en måned igjen! Wohoo! Fuckings klyp meg i armen!

Dessuten tror jeg Breaking Dawn 1 er en god film. Bær over med meg at jeg så denne først i dag:

Fra OfficialTwilightFilm.

Ja til drama, Edward!

Jeg har endelig hatt et par "fridager", aka svigermor vasker og lager mat, slik at jeg endelig har fått frest gjennom siste tre ukers hendelser:

- Kristen Stewart blir bare penere og penere. GQ-intervjuet er også verdt å få med seg. Her kommer faktisk endelig den offisielle bekreftelsen på RobSten fra Kristen...

Fra GQ via TwiCrack.

- Vi dødelige får nøye oss med å lukte som Bella, eller fikse håret med Twilightføneren. Me wants it.

- Det er en SKANDALE at Bel Ami ikke kommer på kino i Norge. WTF. Samtidig er jeg redd sannheten er at filmen er dårlig. Traileren overbeviste ikke, med unntak av the hotness.

Mistah Duroy.

- Abduction med filmstjerna Taylor Lautner er en dårlig erstatter for Bel Ami, men tror jeg skal få den med meg, på tross av lunkne kritikker.

- Åja. Nikki Reed har giftet seg. Whatev.

Noe mer?

søndag 2. oktober 2011

Hallo, skjegge-Rob

Jeg tror Lille Spunk er sjalu på Robert Pattinson, og legger grinetoktene til akkurat når mammaen hans skal på nett og sikle på Robert Pattinson.

Men jeg har da noen triks i ermet, så nå er det ENDELIG tid for å ta inn litt skjegge-Rob fra Toronto her om dagen, trolig i gang med litt etterarbeid på Cosmopolis.

Fra Celebuzz via TwiCrack og Robsessed.

Han ser litt mer filmstjerneaktig ut nå enn før, gjør han ikke?