fredag 28. oktober 2011

Å. RPattz. Så nær. Så fjern. I Stockholm på pressekonferanse. Gift?

Fra MrLalapie03 via Robsessed.

Sjekk ut hele pressekonferansen her. Pluss Q&A.

En liten oppsummering fra US Weekly:

"“The wedding scene’s funny because we used a real priest. So technically we are already married because he did all the things you would do in a normal ceremony,” Pattinson, 25, joked during a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden Friday. “So we don’t have a civil union in law, but I guess in the church we are actually married.”

The comment was surprising, given that Stewart, 21, only recently (and accidentally) confirmed her years-long relationship with Pattinson during an interview with British GQ.
Pattinson, who was joined by costar AshleyGreene at the press conference, also spoke candidly about the film’s bed-breaking, pillow-biting honeymoon romp.

“The sex scenes were difficult. The set was crazy and you have about 20 people in the room and someone saying things like: ‘No, Bella would not have made that noise. Can we do it again?’”

“It was very charged, but a very tender and sentimental scene. It’s not a scene from the book, so everyone was nervous about doing it right,” he explained. “A ton of other people were nervous. And, Kristen and I were both worried about the shape of our bodies would look on camera. We felt vulnerable.”"

Skal vi si at det er lov å være litt sjalu? Rob på fest i Stockholm med fans. Eller verre, ikke fans en gang. Funnet hos Breaking Dawn Movie.

"Pattinson added that he likes how Stewart’s character “is the one who initiates the sex. It’s a different move and I like that it’s not so predictable. Bella is already pushing for it in the movie and it’s Edward that seems scared.”

“I’ve never been able to relate to that fear of sex or sexuality. It’s funny that all three movies portray sex as something scary and then, when they have sex in the fourth movie, they have a child with really rather devastating consequences,” he said. “I’m not sure what they are trying to say. . .never have sex with anyone ever?”" Muahahahaha.

I dette russiske intervjuet (Googleoversatt, ,så pussig), snakker han om kleskolleksjonen sin. LOL.

Pluss nye bilder fra det gamle photoshootet med Details:

Fra Details via random russisk magasin og Pattinson Life.

Ble det varmt her?

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