onsdag 27. april 2011

Bilder fra Breaking Dawn i People!!!

Er det virkelig mulig? Legitime, ordentlige bilder? Breaking Dawn? Yess.

"Yes, Pattinson and Stewart can smile!

"There's funny stuff they improvised that will surprise people" Condon says of their chemistry. "They both brought lighter parts of themselves.""

""Kristen said, 'Are we ever going to do a scene where we don't kiss?'" jokes Condon of shooting the steamy honeymoon sequences. The new Mr. and Mrs. get it on, and Bella gets pregnant.

The saga concludes in Breaking Dawn Part 2, out next year."

Til bildet nede til venstre - det om Tayob er for blurry: "Among the guests at Bella and Edward's wedding: "vegetarian" vamps Eleazar (christian Camargo) and Carmen (Mia Maestro)."

Ashley Greene's Alice debuts a shorter pixie cut in Dawn. (It's a wig.) Prepping for the wedding scene with Stewart, says Greene, was "a bonding moment"

Funnet via Twicrack og Irish Twilight Sisters.

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