fredag 6. mai 2011

Hallo, nytt bilde fra Breaking Dawn!

MTV postet akkurat et nytt bilde fra Breaking Dawn. Hva er ordene? Sterkt og kjærlig? Enda en diskusjon om sex før eller etter eller om Bella skal bli vampyr, kanskje?

Via Spunk Ransom.

MTV skriver:

"It's no secret that "Breaking Dawn," the final chapter in "The Twilight Saga," involves a vampire wedding of epic proportions. But despite all the nuptial excitement and lots of pretty pretty pictures from the new Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen's honeymoon, we still hadn't seen even a single production still of Bella wearing her engagement ring! And yes, we most certainly ARE whining about it. C'moooooon, movie—make with the bling!

Well, clearly, whining will get you everywhere. Because we've just seen a newly released still from the film, showing Bella (Kristen Stewart) with her hand on Edward's (Robert Pattinson) cold, sparkly chest...and on that hand, we can clearly see a giant motherfrankin' Vampire Wedding Ring. Woo hoo!!!

Of course, it's not like we didn't know the outcome of this particular undead love story (SPOILER ALERT, they totally get married and make a vampire baby, IT'S CRAZY!). But with so many months still to go before the theatrical release of the film, even the tiniest whiff of Cullen-Swan romance is enough to get us pumped."

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