fredag 20. mai 2011

RobSten mer romantiske enn Kate og William

Sukk, hjerte.

Finnes det noe mer romantisk enn Kate og William? Jeg sitter faktisk her og drikker te av mitt nye Kate og Wiliamkrus MIML kjøpte til meg i London nettopp, snille mannen.

Fra Hollywood Life visa Spunk Ransom.

Men tydeligvis finnes det noe enda bedre - RobSten! I alle fall hvis vi skal tro avstemningen borte hos Hollywood Life:

RobSten er mest romantiske fordi:

•When Robsten goes out for romantic dinners, they always sit in a dark corner for privacy and eat finger foods — just so they can share! Plus, there’s always wine involved.

•Kristen is spending all summer in Toronto with Rob while he works!

•When Rob had to be at the Water for Elephants premiere in NYC, Kristen flew across the country just to be with him during the movie and the after party. She didn’t even spend the night!

•Rob always refers to Kristen as one of his “favorite actresses.” How sweet is that?

•Rob has said he doesn’t understand cheating and thinks he’ll marry once and stay with that person forever!

•Whenever Robsten is out in public, Rob helps shield Kristen from the paparazzi.

•Kristen wears Rob’s clothes all the time. She also loves the vintage jacket he bought for her and has been photographed in it multiple times!

Fra Hollywood Life visa Spunk Ransom.

Will og Kate er ikke mest romantiske, selv om:

"•The reason that the royal couple went to the North Islands for their honeymoon was because that’s where they went after their break up for vacation. He was so romantic he wanted to go back there.

•The prince loves Kate so much he gave her his mother’s engagement ring.

•While on the balcony after their wedding, Prince William and Kate kissed an unprecedented TWO times!

•William and Kate say they don’t need any royal help because they have each other and can handle their own affairs. How intimate of them!

•William took Kate on a romantic safari that he planned — all so he could ask for her hand in marriage!

•Both William and Kate like to cook for each other. She makes him his favorite meat pies.

•After the wedding ceremony, Kate climbed into the carriage and asked, “Are you happy?” William responded, “I’m so proud you’re my wife.”

•During the ceremony, William saw Kate for the first time and said, “You are beautiful.”"

Hvordan tror de et øyeblikk det kan slå "You are my life now" LOL? Barneskirenn!

Fra libenet.

Siden jeg endelig fikk skrevet litt om det kongelige bryllupet, her er noen morsomme bilder:

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