fredag 8. mai 2009

"I'm not Edward Cullen". Et rop om hjelp fra våre kjærester og ektemenn.

Twilight Widowers Anonymous er årets morsomste - og tristeste - Twilightblogg. Den er en støtteside for menn som har mistet dama/kona/partneren sin til Twilightmania (noen som følte seg truffet nå?).

Dette er temasangen:

Fra vlogbrothers. Her finner du også sangen Dead Boy's Girlfriend - Harry Potters sang til Cho Chang om han-jeg-har-nevnt-noen-ganger via twilightwidower.

En typisk morgen i livet til en Twilight Widower (klikk på lenken for å lese om hele dagen):

"7 a.m.- Wake up. Am asked to analyze my wife's dream, in which I got ran over by Robert Pattinson driving a Volvo.

8 a.m.- After making coffee and failing at trying to make breakfast conversation over the laptop, which my wife is using to check her Twilight blogs, I resign myself to agreeing that yes, Robert Pattinson does look something like a young Salvador Dali. Also, I am reminded (again) that he will be doing a nude scene.

8:15 a.m. - Silently start to compile a list of conversation topics that have nothing to do with Twilight or Robert Pattinson in any way whatsoever. Must remember to try to sneak these into our conversation at some point today.

8:50 a.m.- Wife rushes off to work, telling me that I should have been keeping an eye on the time for her. And why didn't I get her lunch ready?

10:30- I receive yet another e-mail from the wife with more links to the "hilarious" adventures of the Edward Cullen action figures, which other over-30 married women apparently seem to be occupying themselves with instead of taking care of their loved ones. I am happy that the wife has not yet demanded I buy one for her. (Although, I suspect, it is only a matter of time.)"

Og en typisk kveld:
"8 p.m.- It's that time of day, the final check of the blogs. I am accordingly given updates. I treasure these rare moments together.

  • K-Stew was seen using a restaurant washroom and was totally not stuck-up when a fan talked to her in the stall next to her.
  • AshGreene has a dog.
  • PFratt talks to EW magazine, saying "Robert Pattinson is easy to work with." Wow, he is so down to earth."

Muahahahaha. Dette er det morsomste ropet om hjelp jeg noensinne har hørt!

*Ok. På tide å logge av og tilbringe litt kvalitetstid med skatten min i kveld, tror jeg.*

*Lomme-Edward, mener jeg*

Funnet via TwiCrack.

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