fredag 8. mai 2009

“Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.”

New Moon Movie refererer til et gammelt intervju med Eclipseregissør David Slade (som forøvrig er perfekt til jobben):

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"David Slade, who was recently announced to be at the helm of the sequel to New Moon, Eclipse, was on the radio in November and offered some pretty brutal comedy about Twilight. The host asked Slade to tell a joke he had apparently posted at some point on Twitter -

…and so yesterday we were trying to find a movie to see and we’d seen all the good ones, you know, and there was nothing really coming out this weekend that we really fancied at all and having directed a vampire film and really gone for something completely different to the kind of romantic, you know, repressed hormone teen vampire movie we really weren’t interested in seeing Twilight but a lot of people said lets go so I wrote

“Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.”

- [That’s like] a poem in a way [...] at this point excites me even though people think I’m a really violent and unpleasant person I actually do have this romantic violent side to me. Maybe I should have seen Twilight.

Granted, the (very hyped) host asked Slade for the Twilight bit twice after he admitted people may be offended by it, but you’ve got to wonder how different Eclipse will be from Twilight after these harsh words came from Slade."

Bilde fra ontd.

Selvfølgelig måtte han ut og krype. Twilight Lexicon fikk denne e-posten fra Slade:

"When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart.

Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created.

I would like to reassure everyone involved that I am invested in making the best film that I am humanly capable of, and that I am acutely aware of the power of the original books we serve."


Artikler fra New Moon Movie og ontd.

Ps! David Slade er observert i Vancouver. Og det arbeidet med Eclipse er i gang!

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