lørdag 17. desember 2011


Urban Dictionary. Du er kanskje ikke my life now, men ganske så herlig fantastisk!

Hva med definisjonen av ORPD:

"ORPD stands for Obsessive Robert Pattinson Disorder. A very serious medical condition; symptoms include: extreme sexual arousal upon seeing images of RPattz, constantly checking fansites for information, and having a huge file on your computer dedicated to pictures of RPattz.
ORPD has no cure.

The only way to alleviate the symptoms is to express your feelings about RPattz with other ORPD sufferers."


Via Thinking of Rob.

Via Robsessed.

Også via Robsessed.

Via Fuck Yeah Twilight Fever.

Også  via Fuck Yeah Twilight Fever.

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